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Hair Follicle Unit Calculator

The following graphic give you an approximate indication of the number of follicle units you should typically expect with any hair restoration work.

There are approx 2.3 hairs per follicle unit.

Hair characteristics vary and the follicle number per surface area does as well. Therefore, these are broad estimates for indicative purposes only.

A personal consultation with Dr André Nel remains your best option. For an accurate costing and the exact details of what the best treatment option for you would be, book a consultation.

What you should typically expect

Hair Follicle Unit Cost Calculator Norwood Scale

The cost of a hair transplant is dependent on the number of follicle units transplanted and whether the donor and recipient areas are shaved or left unshaved for the procedure. The approximate basic cost varies between € 3,500 to € 16,000 depending on the number of follicle units. We use a sliding scale where the follicle cost varies from € 8.00/follicle unit for small procedures less than 500 follicle units to € 3.75/follicle unit for large procedures exceeding 5000 follicle units. There is a 20% premium added for not shaving the recipient area and for Long Hair FUE harvesting where the Donor Area is not shaved there is a 35% premium added.

It is possible to proceed with an unshaven recipient area, there is a premium of 10% to 20% added to the surgery cost should you proceed with this option. Dr. Nel will confirm the additional fee within the consultation.

Long hair FUE may also be an option for you. Windows are shaved in the donor area in order to harvest the follicle unit via FUE. It is necessary for the hair in your donor area to be 6cm - 8cm in length, this is necessary to allow the hair to conceal the shaved windows in the donor area when the treatment is complete. There is a 35% premium added to the surgery cost for this option.

"I had the treatment done last year because I was unhappy with my appearance and when I met with Dr Nel I was impressed with his honesty and the fact I felt the cost was reasonable by comparison with quote received from another clinic“ - John
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