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Charles - Executive

Patient Testimonial Charles 12 Months Post Hair Transplant Surgery


Charles met with several hair restoration clinics in the UK over the years but never felt confident or comfortable enough to go ahead with the procedure.

Charles Patient Journey

Following his initial consultation with Dr André Nel, he felt he was at the right place and in the right hands.

Charles was very impressed by the thorough consultation, the matter of fact approach, and the positive chemistry he experienced with Dr Nel.

Patient Testimonial Charles Before After Hair Transplant Surgery Ireland


"After 12 months, I’m feeling much more confident now since my new hair has grown out. I’m feeling younger and it has put a spring in my step.

I would recommend hair restoration to anyone with hair loss, because it simply makes you feel better!

When your hair is looking good, it has a knock-on effect to live healthier in general by doing more exercise and following a healthier diet.

Having good hair gives you more confidence with living life.

I feel there is absolutely no down side to it at all. It has inspired me to become fitter, eat healthier and to generally look my best. I will recommend the procedure to anyone who has concerns about their hair loss."
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