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Karl Lambert Hair Transplant Dublin Clinic Patient Testimonial Review Dr Andre Nel


Karl began to experience hair loss in his early to mid thirties. After much research and visiting multiple clinics, Karl decided to have his hair transplant with Dr. Andre Nel of The Hair Skin & Wellness Clinic following an initial consultation.

Karl received 2781 follicles via FUE harvesting technique. 22 months post surgery, Karl reflects on his hair restoration experience with Dr. Nel and his team.


"I found him extremely professional, very caring. He’s very passionate about what he does which reassured me. I went to previous clinics before and I didn’t really get a good feeling off them, but Dr. Nel, straight away I got a great feeling from him.

I came across Dr. Nel’s website and I went though everything, I watched some of the other testimonials and got a good vibe off them.

There was a lot of stuff that he went through that I didn’t know from previous research, so I found him to be very informative. He basically breaks down through everything. He goes through the whole hair loss process and the hair transplant procedure. It just reassured me and I knew Dr. Nel was the one for me."

Hair Transplant Karl Lambert Follicle Unit Excision Before After Testimonial Hswclinic Ireland


"It was a very relaxed atmosphere, I thought it was going to be quite painful but it wasn’t.

I thought the team were fantastic and were just so friendly, and I actually had a great laugh with them. The clinic was fantastic, I was really comfortable during the procedure. They really looked after me. I had great craic with them to be honest with you. I was just watching TV for most of the day and nodding off every now and again for a couple of hours, it was grand.

I’ve heard before, that during the procedure it can be quite painful, but I didn’t find it painful at all. It was quite pleasant to be honest with you. It was absolutely fine."

Hair Transplant Karl Lambert Before After Follicle Unit Extraction Testimonial Hswclinic Dublin


"I was very open with people about my procedure, there’s no point in hiding things, I’m kind of like that anyway, I told people straight away. It didn’t bother me.

I don’t think anyone would have noticed if I hadn’t said anything, because of the way I was brushing it at the time, I was just getting away with it. But now I don’t think it's something that stands out, obviously it looks a lot thicker now but nobody has said anything to me or made it obvious."


"I would most definitely recommend a hair transplant but do your research. Make sure you get someone good like Dr. Nel because I think that he’s absolutely fantastic. I went to three or four clinics before and didn’t get a good feeling from them. I would definitely recommend it though."

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