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Steven – Director

Steven Hair Transplant Dr Andre Nel Hswclinic 2000 Follicles Before After


When Steven Wells came to Dr André Nel, he had hair loss occurring in the mid-scalp and frontal zone.

Steven underwent a hair transplant of 2000 FUE grafts with Dr. André Nel and 7 months later the results have proved successful.


"I have been trying to manage my hair loss since 2006, so over 12 years now.

I guess I started to pay serious consideration towards having a hair transplant rather than just trying to manage my hair loss a couple of years ago.

I had 3 consultations with 3 different organisations over a period of 6 months.

I was doing my own research and trying to gather as much information as I could.

2 of the consultations were effectively sales people trying to sell the service.

One of them really didn’t know a lot about some of the technical questions I was asking.

To be fair to them, they would take note of my concerns, find out the answer and come back to me.

This really didn’t instill that much confidence in me.

The other organisation, again a sales person, ran through the basic consultation, outlined the cost in the UK but then moved onto the benefits of going to their fully qualified experts abroad, with flights included etc.

It just didn’t fill me with confidence, plus if something went wrong with my hair (post-op) I wanted to be able to go to the people that had performed the procedure within a short space of time to make sure that everything was ok or to resolve it if there was an issue."

Hair Transplant Pre Post 2000 Fue Grafts Steven Before After


"The time flew by. I remember having a conversation about Star Trek and Stranger Things, other than that I don’t remember a lot of it but I know that I was cared for, I felt quite comfortable, I may have even fallen asleep during the procedure."

Steven Before After Hair Transplant 2000 Fue Grafts


"Post procedure there was some swelling and redness. I was probably back to my normal routine at home within a couple of days. I think I first went out just shy of 2 weeks.

Despite there being some skin discoloration in the scalp area you would really have to stare hard and look for it to notice it.

Within a couple of weeks I would say I was back to my normal operations.

I can’t stress enough how much Dr André Nel and his team look after you as a patient from the very first time you walked in the door at consultation phase, all the way through to post operation phase."

Hair Transplant Experience Steven Fut 2000 Grafts 10 Months Post Op
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