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How Much is Your Self-Confidence Worth?

“Cheap” hair transplants are frequently the most expensive procedures you can do for several reasons.

Hairlines are often placed at the wrong height using the wrong grafts, placed in the wrong direction and at the wrong angles, making the hair look completely abnormal. Such hairlines have to be restored – adding to the cost.

“Dr Nel is honest and very professional. In a world where so many are in it for the money, I was lucky to find Dr Nel. A surgeon with superior skill and a man who is true to his word"  - Tim

Prices are often quoted in terms of hairs transplanted. That is wrong. We always talk in terms of follicle units transplanted. There is on average of 2.3 hairs per follicle unit.

In some clinics, donor areas are over-harvested, and there is no emphasis placed on medical treatment, which is essential for the long-term to prevent progression of Androgenetic Alopecia.

We are transparent with our pricing. On numerous occasions patients have commented on the great value of care Dr. Nel & his team provide. This is based on the quality of care, attention to detail & the final result patients receive.

What Determines The Cost?

We charge on average €4.00 per follicle unit, each of which has approx. 2.3 hairs on average.

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Why We Are Unique

Easy Financing Options

Many of our patients have said that the cost of having a hair transplant was the best investment they have ever made in their lives.

We are confident that if you decide to get a hair restoration procedure done with us, the benefit you will experience over your lifetime will far outweighs any short-term cost.

But cost is always a real factor to consider, and to make the process easier for you, we’ve partnered with finance company HUMM (FLEXI-FI) which allows you to have:

· A quick and easy application process
· A high acceptance rate
· Various repayment options
· Full repayment prior to term without penalties

Get a quick quote on repayments.

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