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HSW Clinic COVID-19 Information & Policy

Dear Patient,

Social distancing & hand hygiene play a vital role in this fight against COVID-19. The HSW Clinic is taking measures to protect our patients & our staff, these include temperature scanning & recording, face-masks, hand-washing & sanitizing. We have air-purifiers with ionizer & UV-C placed in all areas of our clinic to protect us all against air-borne virus'. Surgery patients must present us with a negative COVID-19 PCR test one day prior to their procedure taking place. My consulting room & the patient waiting room is thoroughly sanitized prior to each consultation.

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions on:

Phone: +353 (1) 524 0265

Stay safe,
Dr. Andre Nel

Dr Andre Nel Covid Info

In-clinic Protocols

  • - Every patient's temperature is taken upon arrival at the clinic.
  • - Every patient must fill out & sign a declaration that they have been adhering to government guidelines.
  • - There are multiple dispensers to disinfect your hands within the clinic.
  • - Wearing a face-mask is mandatory within the clinic.
  • - In every room we have placed an air-purifier ionizer with UV-C to protect against air-borne virus' & bacteria.
  • - Staff are tested every 4-7 days with COVID-19 Antigen testing, upon a positive test they must present for a PCR test for confirmation.
  • - Should a staff member test positive for COVID-19, all in-clinic consultations & procedures are suspended whilst all staff members are tested using the PCR test.
  • - Surgery patients must provide evidence of a negative PCR test result one day in advance of their procedure.
  • - Separate toilet facilities for-staff & patients.

HSW Clinic COVID-19 Policy February 2021

Staff Testing

  • 1. All staff testing is to be supervised by Dr. Tunde Tarjanyi or Dr. Nel & arranged by Mr. McGrath.
  • 2. All staff members/contractors are tested every 4-7 days using an Antigen test depending on their working schedule.
  • 3. Upon a positive antigen test that staff member/contractor must present for a PCR test.
  • 4. Should the PCR test be positive this staff member/contractor must isolate at home as per the recommended government measures.
  • 5. The staff member has a duty to inform Dr. Nel, Dr. Tarjanyi, Mr. McGrath at the earliest possibility.

In the event of a positive test.

  • 6. Should a staff member receive a positive test result all staff members/contractors must present for a PCR test with clinic operations suspended until the results are available.
  • 7. Test results must be forwarded to Dr. Nel as soon as possible. Permission for the staff member/contractor to return to the clinic must be provided by Dr. Nel before they return to the clinic.

*** It is important to note that colleagues are not considered close contacts due to the maintaining of COVID-19 protocols within the clinic i.e. wearing a face-mask, hand hygiene etc. ***

Patient Testing

Patients must:
  • 1. Be informed of the HSW Clinic COVID-19 protocols.
  • 2. Follow comprehensive social-distancing & hand-hygiene measures for 14 days prior to their procedure.
  • 3. Have a PCR test for SARS-CoV-2 no more than 3 days prior to their procedure, and ensure the results are available beforehand. (The day prior to incisions if applicable).
  • 4. The patient must self-isolate from the day of their test until they present at the clinic for surgery.

It is important that the above process is explained to the patient, assisting with information & advice when necessary.

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