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Dr André Nel’s Commitment

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You Deserve the Best

My team and I work extremely hard for each of our patients to ensure:
  • - The highest standards and quality work.
  • - The best possible results.
  • - Satisfied patients with improved confidence.
  • - We only use the most up to date surgical techniques.
  • - We use the best follicle storage solutions, a combination of Liposomol ATP & Hypothermosol in Saline.
  • - I have personally trained all my technicians.


“When the treatment was completed the recovery period went smoothly.

It was as if I had just got a number one hair cut.” – Timothy

My Commitment To You

  1. - To achieve your goals and objectives within the realistic parameters of what your donor and recipient areas offer.
  2. - To provide you with a comprehensive consultation report that you can use as a reference for decision-making.
  3. - To be personally involved in every aspect of your hair transplant surgery procedure.
  4. - To direct and employ the best and most highly-trained staff in the industry.
  5. - All follow-up consultations are free of charge
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