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Eyebrow Transplants

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Eyebrow Transplants

Feel Confident with Your Eyebrows

Eyebrow Transplantation

Eyebrow transplantation is an advanced technique best performed by experienced hair transplant surgeons who have mastered this process.

In general, the male eyebrow remains at or below the orbital rim, while the female eyebrow rises above the orbital rim. However careful observation will show many exceptions to these rules.

While eyebrow transplantation can be very rewarding, it is important to first determine the underlying cause of the lack of hair. The most common cause of eyebrow thinning is overplucking, followed by congenital absence of adequate eyebrow cover. Conditions such as trichotillomania or inflammatory causes of hair loss must be fully under control or excluded, otherwise the newly created eyebrow will be lost to the original condition.

When asked to recreate an eyebrow, the surgeon must carefully explore the desires of the patient, even more than with the hairline.

It is very useful for the patient to bring a photograph of his/her preferred eyebrow shape.

As with all hair transplant procedures, the patient must be informed that the hair shafts will fall out over the first 2-3 weeks, and new growth can be expected within 3 months.

Also, regular trimming of the transplanted eyebrow hair will be required.

Framing the eyes (the windows to the soul) with elegant eyebrows lights up the person’s face and accentuates the colour of the eyes. This provides a great sense of satisfaction for patients, accompanied by a sense of accomplishment for the surgeon.


“Dr André Nel is honest and very professional. In a world where so many are in it for the money, I was lucky to find Dr Nel. A surgeon with true skill and a man who keeps his promises.” – Tim


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