Dr Andre Nel Performing Scar Rectification Treatment On Patient

Scar Rectification

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Scar Rectification

Discreet Scar Removal & Camouflage

Hair Transplants Can Be Used to Camouflage Scar Tissue

Scars on the scalp due to injury or previous hair transplants can be rectified and camouflaged by transplanting single follicle units into the scar tissue.

We harvest the follicles used for scar correction via the FUE method.

In some cases we combine Follicle Unit Excision (FUE) technique by doing Scalp Micro-pigmentation (SMP), but this is always done a few months after the FUE procedure.

Doing both FUE and SMP (at a later stage after the FUE) provides the best solution for camouflaging scar tissue and making it blend in with the surrounding hair follicles.


“Dr André Nel is honest and very professional. In a world where so many are in it for the money, I was lucky to find Dr Nel. A surgeon with true skill and a man who keeps his promises“  – Tim


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