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How To Avoid Bad Hair Transplants

Many men and women have had procedures done that have produced less than optimal results and poor growth.

Dr André Nel has repaired many individuals who have suffered from bad or “botched” hair transplants performed at other clinics from all over the world.

We’ve put together some basic information here to help you make the best choice for hair transplantation the first time and to help you avoid possible hair restoration problems and mistakes.

Foreign Attraction?

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Be careful of low-cost hair transplants. The average market price always reflects the average value. The collective knowledge of the market is reflected in the mean (average) pricing.

Be careful when hair transplant numbers are quoted in hairs instead of follicle units.

You have very little to zero recourse and it is expensive to fly to and from a foreign country to sort out the problems associated with low-cost hair transplant surgery.

The cost of hair transplant surgery is important, but the quality and longevity of the results are where the real value resides. It is better not to have a hair transplant than to have a poor quality hair transplant.

1) Don’t Shop by Price Alone

• There is no such thing as a “discount” hair transplant. If you fixate on a bargain rate hair transplant, you will live to regret it.
• Hair transplant surgery is permanent. Make very sure of the surgeon’s reputation and skill – do your research well.
• Hair transplant surgery does not stand alone in the long run. Clinics who don’t emphasize the importance of long-term associated medical treatment don’t have your best interests at heart and are in it for short-term profits only.

“The hospitality and constant care during and after the procedure was simply 5 star treatment. I'm proud to say that my results have been life transforming." - R McDonagh

2) Avoid Part-Time Hair Transplant Clinics

• They offer other procedures other than hair transplantation.
• Are their websites about education and learning or just sales?
• Few before and after hair transplant pictures on their website.
• When you find a clinic or doctor, Google his/her name to find out more about them
• Look at the results of their patients in the before and after hair transplant galleries.
• Most of all, go and talk to several hair transplant clinics in person. That is the best way to differentiate and discern where the quality is.

3) Choose an Experienced Surgeon

• An experienced hair restoration surgeon who practices hair transplantation full-time and who is personally involved in the hair transplant procedure will be able to show you the results they have produced.
• They should also be members of the ISHRS at a minimum.
• Check if they have passed the ABHRS Examination. That is an excellent sign of dedication and quality.

4) Beware of The “No Scar” Procedure

• There is no such thing as a hair transplant procedure without scarring.
• An experienced and skilled hair transplant surgeon will educate you and advise you on what your best options are.
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