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When You Need Your Confidence Back

Hair Loss Treatment Consultation Dr Andre Nel HSWClinic
Dr André Nel provides a wide range of treatments from simple non-surgical options to the most advanced hair loss surgical treatments available.

"With Dr Nel you will receive a very direct, straight talking, no nonsense and clear explanation of the process and the science behind it, the knowledge of essential minimal cost supplements to be taken, vital to long term results (Other clinics don't tell you this). It's a no pressure sales approach.” – Rob
A Personalised Hair Loss Treatment Plan
Every patient has a consultation with Dr André Nel during which a thorough history and assessment is done.
The patient’s goals and objectives are discussed in the context of their unique requirements when considering their hair characteristics and donor versus recipient area ratio and what would be the best possible harvesting technique or combinations thereof in order to maximize yield and still protect the donor area for the long run.
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