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Hair Follicle Types & Structure

Hair shafts are divided into 3 categories:

1) Terminal Hairs

· Terminal hair is ‘healthy hair’
· These are the hairs visible on your scalp
· 60-84 microns in diameter

Hair Follicle Types Miniaturized Vellus

2) Miniaturized Hairs

· Miniaturized hairs are hairs from terminal hair follicles that have been affected by DHT, causing thinner hair shafts. · 30-60 microns in diameter

3) Vellus Hairs

· Vellus hairs are fine, short and barely noticeable
· Less than 30 microns in diameter

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The Most Important Hairs

For hair transplant surgery the Miniaturized and Vellus hairs are of no value at all.

We only use Terminal hair follicles for hair restoration because only hair shafts with ample caliber make an impact from an aesthetic point of view.

Hair Follicle Structure Terminal Hair Shaft

Hair Mass Index (HMI)

Hair Mass Index refers to the density and number of hair follicles per specified parameter and is used to determine the extent of an individual’s hair loss.

This method can indicate the progress of hair loss treatments undergone by the individual.
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